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The following items are available for purchase, with autographs provided upon request.  Proceeds benefit the Dreamstage Brain and Sleep Science Museum in East Burke, Vermont and are tax deductible.  The Dreamstage Brain and Sleep Science Museum is a non-profit institution that is currently applying for formal IRS and state recognition as a tax-free corporation.  Donations are also welcome.  At present, all checks should be made payable to J. Allan Hobson and sent to:

Dr. Allan Hobson

771 Marshall Newland Rd.

East Burke, VT 05832-9637



For more information about these titles, see the Books section of this website.

Sleep.  Paperback edition. Profusely illustrated in color.

Price: $25.00

The Chemistry of Conscious States.  Hardback first edition.

Price:  $25.00

Consciousness.  Paperback edition.  Profusely illustrated in color.

Price: $50.00 

From Angels to Neurones: Art and the New Science of Dreaming. Hardback.  Original English language edition printed privately in Italy. Heavy paper. Excellent quality illustrations, all in full color.

Price: $100.00


Dreamstage "Scientific" Catalog.  Designed by Kimmich and Weinstein for Carpenter Center Exhibit, 1977. The so-called "black" catalog is a collector's item because of the quality of the color images including Ted Spagna's time-lapse photos of sleep.  Golgi and Kluver-Barrera brain histology, concise text on see-through vellum, and choice quotes on sleep from Western literature.

Price: $150.00

Dreamstage Exhibit Catalog (1978-1980).  The so-called "silver" catalog was designed for the traveling show to explain the components of the exhibit. There are color photographs of sleepers, the human brain, the skull X-ray lightbox, the sleep chamber, laser projections of EEG, EMG, and EOG tracings and neuronal histology. (Paul Earles, Ted Spagna, Ragnhild Karlstrom, and Allan Hobson.)

Price: $50.00


These are ideal for sleep center waiting room display.

Dreamstage Exhibit Poster (1977).  Silk screen printing in limited edition.  Designed by Toshi Katayama.  Images include time-lapse photos of sleepers, computer reproductions of neurones, and layout plan of Harvard University installation at Carpenter Center (the only Corbusier building in the US).

Price: $150.00

Dreamstage Poster for Traveling Exhibit (1978-1980).  Photo of sleeper from Ted Spagna time-lapse study with neuronal dotgrams from REM sleep superimposed.  Poster used to advertise Dreamstage in San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Atlanta, Dallas, and Boston.

Price: $50.00

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